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Welcome all to this humble website, The Forever Knight Faction List. Now, I know there's plenty of FK fansites out there, but this information deserved its own space on a straightforward, not so fancy-schmancy webpage that would be easy to access, especially for the newbies.

I remember a discussion on SciFi's Forever Knight board back in... oh say, the winter of 2002/2003... from a newbie having asked what the fandom's factions were and thus, what faction (s)he would belong to. With the confusion of the new newbies in mind (isn't that a little redundant?), and my memories of my newbiedom, I put together this handy-dandy little list of the factions back then and put it up on the old Scifi boards. Now, I've since updated that list and am sharing it with you fine folks, in a website of its own.

Let me get right to the point. The Forever Knight fandom has so many factions, it's difficult (if not impossible) to keep up with them all. Well guess what? I'm gonna try! :D

This site contains, to the best of my knowledge, the complete list as it currently stands. However, if you find something missing or incorrect, don't hesitate to put your two cents in, 'k? I'd love to have this list finished insomuch as humanly possible, and it'd be great to have some help. :)

To learn more about factions and their history in the FK fandom, check out the FAQ page. Also, please help me promote this site by grabbing a code and sticking it on your site.

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